high school fitness

your student was meant to be physical, and the best way to grow is through purposeful training – this premier program is not a camp, it is athletics to keep them healthy, strong, fast, happy, and set them up for scholarship potential

3x a week training inquiry




reduction in sports injuries


immune defense


hours a week

MARK gained strength and coordination after years of struggle at school led programs.

Now MARK dominates on the football field and is more confident. Bigger than that he is healthier and injury free.

Personal PRs – Jumping 24inch boxes, squat moving up 100lbs due to better knee and ankle mechanics, and pushups!


LOREN is your classic competitive young lady who swam then began other sports in high school Injuries from school athletics had to rehabbed at NBK, and were done professionally and aligned with her doctor.

LOREN now has a deadlift of 200lbs + can run free of pain, is faster then ever in her life, and her happiness and success is transferring to her personal work and life.

happy happy parent

our: sports  program

In person group classes 3x a week 3:30-4:45pm (capped class size)

1x a month personal training session

Personal movement assessment

Personalized coaching plan

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training for you

Your son or daughter don’t move like everyone else, and shouldn’t be forced to train like everyone else. Your coach will provide personalized, progressive, and maximize results!REGISTER

everything included:

In Class


personalized workout

Every student is assessed by a highly trained coach with 5+ years experience and will program SPECIFIC areas to work on to fortify their health

30 – 45 mins


1-1 personal training SESSION

Once a month your student will work directly with our staff for one session to give them personal time. This is the FASTEST way to improving their fitness

M,W,T 3:30-4:45pm



3x a week athletes will come together and train. This will include:

  • a foundational warm-up;
  • strength / skill as programmed by their coach
  • group workout of the day

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TEXT to Us

Please TEXT us at 678-615-8777. We are reply very quickly, and only delayed if we are coaching a session.

doctor approved

Our staff is trained by doctors and works deeply with local physical therapists, chiropractors, and receives referrals from doctors thanks to our ability to serve those with existing injuries

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